Wisconsin Court of Appeals Chief Judge Bill Brash

For some the law is a vocation, for others, it is a calling, for Wisconsin Court of Appeals Chief Judge Bill Brash it’s about service to the community and others.

Judge Brash began his law career after graduating from the Marquette University law school.

He started his illustrious career in private practice serving as a partner and a principal in several law firms until founding and co-managing the law firm of Johnson & Brash in 1980. In 1990, he established William Brash & Associates and remained at that firm until December 2001 when he first became a trial court judge.

Judge Brash is also a member or principal in three successful small businesses that strive to develop his community in a positive manner.

From 1985 to 1997 Judge Brash served as a Fox Point municipal judge and oversaw more than 3,000 cases. He was elected to this position on 5 successive occasions. From 1998 to 2001 he served the Village of Fox Point as a trustee where he helped manage and administer the municipality and the development of a $5 million annual budget.

Judge Bill Brash has been on the bench since 2001. First serving the community as a municipal judge in Fox Point.  Then moving on to be a Circuit Court Judge in Milwaukee County and then as an Appellate Judge since 2015. He was named the Presiding Judge for District 1 in 2019, and has been the Chief Judge for the Court of Appeals since 2021. 

Wisconsin Court of Appeals Chief Judge Bill Brash has served the larger Milwaukee community for more than 37 years. He humbly asks for your support so that he may continue providing his passion for law, order, and justice to the people of the State of Wisconsin on the bench in District 1 of the Court of Appeals.